Tips for trips

Rozhledna Drahoušek

Drahoušek Lookout Tower

It is located on the hill of the same name (504 metres above sea level), which rises above the village of Osečany. You will climb 168 steps and view the world from a height of 48 metres. If the weather is good, you can see as far as the mountains Ještěd or Milešovka.

Zámek Červený Hrádek u Sedlčan

Červený Hrádek Château near Sedlčany

Červený Hrádek was rebuilt as a château from the original 13th-century Gothic fortress. After the Velvet Revolution it was returned to the family that owned it and today it is open to the public only during special events such as classical music concerts, balls or weddings. However, the adjacent château park is also worth a visit and can be reached at any time without any problems.

Zámek Vrchotovy Janovice

Vrchotovy Janovice Château

A cultural monument of the Czech Republic located in the town of the same name in the Benešov district. It is the original stone fortress of the Lords of Janovice, located in a beautiful English park with a lake in the middle. The château is known mainly thanks to its last owner, Baroness Sidonie Nádherná von Borutín, and has been part of the exhibition of the National Museum in Prague for over 50 years.

Rozhledna Neštětická hora

Neštětice Hill Lookout Tower

The monument was erected in 1927 to commemorate the anniversary of the peasant uprising against Pavel Michna, the oppressor of the peasants. The uprising took place in 1627, but was cruelly suppressed on the Neštětice Hill. The lookout tower is located at an altitude of 536 metres above sea level, has an asymmetrical shape and 48 steps lead to the gallery.

Skanzen Vysoký Chlumec

Vysoký Chlumec Open-Air Museum

You will be treated to rural architecture, which illustrates the development of the house from the mid-17th century to the early 20th century in the Central Bohemian Uplands and Central Vltava Basin, an area affected by stone mining. Residential, administrative, technical and small buildings that are in danger of disappearing in their original locations are gradually being transferred to the natural area in the valley of the stream. Thanks to the interior exhibitions, you will again discover how people lived and farmed in earlier times.

Vodní nádrž Slapy

Slapy Water Reservoir

It is the sixth-largest dam in the Czech Republic and is part of the so-called Vltava Cascade. You can swim and try various water sports, such as windsurfing, sailing or water skiing. Popular locations with a gradually sloping lake bottom include Ždáň, Nová Rabyně, Měřín and Nová and Stará Živohošť.

Kujalův lom – Hříměždice

Kujala Quarry – Hříměždice

The quarry was once used for granite mining, but in 1953 the bottom spring was struck during mining and the quarry was flooded in one day. Today the site is a natural bathing area. The quarry has also appeared in several Czech films, such as 2Bobule (2Grapes) and Výchova dívek v Čechách (Bringing Up Girls in Bohemia).

Hrad Týnec nad Sázavou

Týnec nad Sázavou Castle

It is a Romanesque rotunda with the remains of a royal castle. There is now a museum with a collection of Týnec ceramics. There is also a natural monument (the castle rotunda) in the castle area because of the rookery of the critically endangered greater mouse-eared bat.

Sportrelax centrum Monínec

Monínec Sports and Relax Centre

In summer, Monínec offers hiking, a bike park and eight cycling trails, a natural swimming pool, an activity park with a water slide, disc golf, mountain scooters, trampolines, tubing and much more. In winter, in addition to downhill skiing, you can also enjoy sledding, bobsledding or cross-country skiing.

Park Drama věků

Drama of the Ages Park

It is a beautiful park where you can find active relaxation and orientation towards certain values that transcend us. There are 12 places to stop for reflection. The selected texts were drawn by Radim Passer, the founder of the park, from the Bible and the Drama of the Ages series of books.

Hrad Český Šternberk

Český Šternberk Castle

A Gothic castle converted into a château, which has been protected as a national cultural monument since 2008. It is one of the oldest castles in Bohemia and you can visit up to 15 rooms during your tour. Look forward to the halls, the library, the dining room and also the outpost, the so-called dungeon.

Zámek Průhonice

Průhonice Château

It is a beautiful neo-Renaissance château hidden in a large park, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. Only part of the château is open to the public, e.g. the permanent exhibition in the western part of the château and the Knights’ Hall, where wedding ceremonies are regularly held. The château was also the setting for the well-known fairy tale S čerty nejsou žerty (Give the Devil His Due).

Chýnovská jeskyně

Chýnov Cave

The first cave in the Czech Republic that was opened to tourists. You will be captivated by the colourful ceilings and walls and the various formations. The corridors reach up to 41 metres deep, but the total length of the cave, including unexplored parts, is 1400 metres. The iconic area of the cave is the Chapel of St. Vojtěch.