1. How can I choose and pay for a stay?

You can simply book your stay on the YOU and ME website and pay by payment card or bank transfer.

2. For how long can I book a stay?

The minimum length of a stay is five hours; there is no limit to the maximum length.

3. What payment methods can I use?

Payment is possible by payment card or bank transfer.

4. Can we order a hot meal in the apartment?

You can; you simply choose your meal from the menu; we cook until 9:30 PM.

5. Is it possible to park at the resort?

It is; you can park directly in our gated area.

6. Is it possible to purchase and extend my stay on the spot?

Unless another client has booked the apartment after your stay, it is no problem to extend your stay.

7. Is it possible to ensure anonymity and not meet other guests?

Yes, this is the main goal and idea of the resort. You may meet someone on the way to the apartment, but the risk is very small. Your stay can take place without contact with the staff and, of course, with other guests.

8. How do I pay for accommodation?

Always in advance as part of the booking. Food, drinks and any additional services are payable at the end of the stay via the payment terminal brought to your service window or directly at the reception desk.

9. Can we bring our dog or cat?

Since the staff is constantly trying to ensure maximum hygiene, this is unfortunately not possible.

10. Is the resort suitable for children?

The resort is designed for peace and relaxation in natural surroundings. There are no facilities for children, but if the client-parent is sure that the peace and quiet of the other apartments will not be disturbed, it is not a problem to come with your children.

11. Is the water in the hot tub changed after use by each client?

Yes, each client fills it with their own water upon arrival.

12. Is it possible to rent a bike or scooter?

It is; you can rent those for a fee and set off to see the beauty of the Sedlčany region.

13. Until when can I order food and drinks?

Drinks and hot meals can be ordered until 10:00 PM. You can also use the refrigerated display cabinet, where drinks and possibly cold food or desserts of your choice will be prepared for you.